Our approach for doing market entry, market research and analysismanagement consulting, and competitive intelligence projects can be summarized in the following steps:

OverviewNeeds understandingPlanningInformation gatheringAnalysisPresentationFeedback
Midas approach
Clear understanding of our customer's goals for the engagement Clear understanding of our customer's goals for the engagement
Understanding the real needs of our customers is key to satisfy them. Then, we spend a lot of time determining their real needs and if we are their best partners for the problem at hand

We do tough questions during the needs analysis to fully understand our customer’s issue, background, needs and goals, so we can satisfy our customers in the best possible way

We are also extremely flexible and can change the scope and focus during the project, if needed to better satisfy our customer, as our phased approach to carry out projects can shed light into topics, which were not apparent at the time of designing the brief and needs analysis

Thorough planning of the engagement Thorough planning of the engagement
We determine the information need and also the methodology we will use in the project, only once we understand in detail our customer’s issue, background, needs and goals, as every customer problem is unique

We always have a back-up plan to gather, triangulate and cross-check the information, as our experience indicates that having a contingency plan brings significant value while conducting projects in Latin America, as few things go as planned in our region

Emphasis on primary sources Emphasis on primary sources
We have an extensive contact network in a wide variety of industries in every single Latin American country, as we are in business since 2000 and had to gather information since our inception in a wide array of industries and countries

Using internal resources allows us to ensure a constant high level of quality. We only use internal consultants to do the interviews, unlike our competitors, which use free-lancers

We use senior consultants for the interviews, as senior consultants talk to our sources from a knowledge position of strength and can get better information than junior staff, due to their longer experience. Senior consultants can even triangulate and cross-check information on the spot

Analysis based on practical implementation Analysis based on practical implementation
We triangulate and cross-check the information we receive from primary sources to ensure that we have the right raw material to conduct the analysis

We use analysis techniques specifically designed to solve the problem or topic at hand. We can draw on our accumulated knowledge for this purpose, as we are thought leaders in our disciplines and have over 150 years of accumulated experience

We provide actionable recommendations, as all our consultants have been in managerial positions at multinationals in the region. We were not born as consultants

We do recommendations specific to the customer and topic at hand, as we consider our specific customer’s strengths, weaknesses, strategy and culture when doing recommendations. The long term relationship we establish with our customers allow us to know our customers deeply and then do very granular recommendations

Comprehensive reports by experienced staff Comprehensive reports by experienced staff
We write comprehensive reports, so reports can be consulted in six months or a year time to get our main conclusions and recommendations

We believe that the person doing the interviews is the best able one to answer on any specific question our customers might have. Then, the consultants who worked in the information gathering also prepare the report and participate in the presentation

We do the presentations in the language preferred by our customer, be it English, German, Portuguese or Spanish

Focus on long-term relationships Focus on long-term relationships
We keep constant contact with our customers to adjust the scope, if needed, to our customers’ current needs, which might not be the same ones as the beginning of the project

We use a partner, not related to the project, to call our customers a month after the project completion to check if the customers’ goals were reached and see areas of improvement for the future. This continuous improvement process and transparency contributes to our outstanding customer retention rate