Examples of competitive intelligence projects

We are the premiere CI consultancy in Latin America We are the premiere CI consultancy in Latin America
Since our inception in 2000, we conducted hundreds of competitive intelligence projects in a variety of industries throughout our region. Please find below a very short sample of our experience on these services:

Competitive intelligence case I

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Multinational customer could counter-attack based on the competitors’ weaknesses, which diminished the effect of competing product launches
Patent expiration and clinical trials of biosimilar products that could erode the company’s revenues
The company had three biological blockbusters that had their patents to expire within two years and there were several biosimilars being developed
The scope included Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela
Secondary research and in-depth interviews with local FDAs, ministries of health and main ten competitors to determine likely launch data, possible approaches and prices
The company could launch counter-attacks based on the competitors’ launch weakness to diminish the erosion of sales

Competitive intelligence case II

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Our customer could diminish the competitors’ cost advantage by improving its processes based on benchmarking done by Midas SN&M
A multinational manufacturer wanted to benchmark its cost position against competitor facilities in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela
Midas had to conduct an extremely detailed cost analysis at two competitor facilities in Brazil, one in Argentina and another one in Venezuela with little secondary information
In-depth interviews with competitors, suppliers, chambers as well as secondary research of the financial statements of the targets were conducted to determine the cost structure of each facility (four in total)
Our customer could determine the cost areas where its competitors had an advantage and could introduce improvements in its processes and switch suppliers to close the gap

Competitive intelligence case III

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Our customer increased its share in Mexico and successfully entered Brazil
Insurance company wanted to enter the Brazilian market and improve its position in the Mexican market
Multinational company wanted to confirm the attractiveness of the Brazilian market and the best way to penetrate
Additionally, it wanted to find out if its planned expansion in Mexico made sense
Secondary search on the Brazilian and Mexican insurance markets
In-depth interviews with customers, prospects, brokers, associations, competitors and reinsurers
Midas recommended not to expand the company’s focus in Mexico and provided avenues for growth within the core
Additionally, it confirmed the attractiveness of the Brazilian market and proposed a strategy leveraging the company’s key strengths