Examples of market entry and analysis projects

We are market entry, analisys and research specialists We are market entry, analisys and research specialists
We conducted hundreds of projects market entry, analysis and research in a variety of industriesthroughout our region, since our inception in the year 2000. Please find below a very short sample of them:

Market analysis case I

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Customer could increase its sales 30% above its initial estimates
Agrochemical supplier needed to dimension the habits, usage, needs and expectations regarding its products and services bought
The company wanted to assess differences in habits, usage, needs and expectations for its products and services by region and farm size, to increase sales by better adapting its cross-selling efforts to the demand
In-depth interviews with distributors, competitors and customers by regions and customer segment to assess differences in demand
Due to our recommendations, the company could optimize its customer portfolio segmented by type of service, product, and customer size, increasing its sales 30% above its initial estimates, due to successful cross-selling tied to the needs and habits of farmers

Market analysis case II

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Our customer significantly increased its share by introducing several innovative concepts into the market
Multinational coatings company wanted to improve its distribution channel strategy, because it had an innovative product (for the region), which did not reach the desired sales level
Midas had to do proposals to increase sales in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico by improving the company’s distribution policy
Secondary research and in-depth interviews with customers and distributors to assess strengths and weaknesses of distribution channels, their strategies and promotion mechanisms
Our customer could introduce, several new concepts into the market, such as support to technology migration tied to product purchase and improved technical support by visiting customers jointly with distributors, which contributed to significantly increase our customer’s share

Market analysis case III

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Our customer increased its share by focusing on the regions and products where it had competitive advantages
Fertilizer company wanted to assess regional demand (current and potential) for its products
Demand (current and potential) had to be assessed at the regional level, by customer and product type to determine the pockets where the company had competitive advantages and which shown the best growth forecast
In-depth interviews with distributors, customers (different segments) and competitors by region to determine customers’ unsatisfied needs, decision drivers and the performance of the different competitors
Thanks to our recommendations, the company focused on products and segments that had the higher potential and growth and was able to grow well above the market