Examples of management consulting projects

We help improving both bottom and top line performance We help improving both bottom and top line performance
We conducted hundreds of projects management consulting in a variety of industries, throughout our region, since our inception in the year 2000. Please find below a very short sample of them:

Management consulting case I

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Our customer could sell 6 times its original budget
Means of payments company that wanted to enter the Latin American market
Multinational company wanted to enter eight markets in four countries. Midas had to prioritize them taking care of the customer’s budget. Additionally it had to propose a market entry strategy
A further challenge was the fact that the company’s service was not applicable as it was in the region
A first phase using an proprietary funneling framework based mostly on secondary search
A second phase (only in attractive markets and countries) with in-depth interviews with possible customers, regulators and competitors
With our recommendations the company launched an innovative service (for the company, but not for the market), which used the same process as the one it originally wanted to launch and which did not have enough penetration in the market
Sales of the new service were 6 times the originally planned for the other service

Management consulting case II

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Our customer significantly improved its innovation process by applying a tiered approach by country
Company wanted to improve its own innovation process in comparison to a competitor
The multinational company had a clear disadvantage against its main competitor in terms of innovation and was compelled to diminish the gap
The scope included Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and Venezuela
Secondary research on the innovation practices employed by the competitor
In-depth interviews with customers, distributors, suppliers and target company to determine the best practices used by country
We proposed a three tier differentiated innovation approach depending on the market development and size to take advantage of the opportunities in the market, which contributed to significantly improve the customer’s position in the market

Management consulting case III

Customer benefitSituationChallengeApproachResults
Our customer could negotiate a finishing of the price war
Competitor began a price war and was eroding the company’s sales and profitability
The company was threatened by a price war, which was eroding its sales and profitability
For the company it was clear that the competitor was being subsidized by its parent in some way, as the cost structures were similar among them. Midas had to find out how much this subsidy was and how was implemented
In-depth interviews with suppliers, unions, associations, energy companies, government officials and target company
Research of financial statements
With the intelligence supplied by Midas, the company knew the amount of subsidy being granted by the competitor’s HQ to wage the price war to gain market share and how it was implemented
Negotiations with the competitor enabled to finish the price war and restore profitability