Midas’ advantages in competitive intelligence

We are the premier CI consultancy in Latin America We are the premier CI consultancy in Latin America
Our main advantages in  competitive intelligence consulting are:
Wide portfolio and geographic coverageTailor made consultingUse of own resources
We have the widest portfolio of services in the Latin American market We have the widest portfolio of services in the Latin American market
No other company has as much experience, proprietary methodologies and “real” experience conducting advanced competitive intelligence projects, such as blind-spots, M&A, benchmarking and war games, as we do

Customers appreciate our wide portfolio, as it eases their vendor choice, since they only have to deal with just one company in our region and all over the world through our global partner

Additionally, competitive intelligence is a discipline were mutual trust is of essence and, then, it is valuable for our customers to have just one partner for all their CI needs

Completely focused on your real needs Completely focused on your real needs

We invest a lot of time before the beginning of the projects to determine the “real” needs of our customers to better satisfy them with proprietary analysis

Additionally, our way of working in phases and constant contact allows us to introduce changes in the scope, if needed, to better take care of your needs, as they evolve once you have more information on the subject at hand

The long term relationship we have with our customers allows us to know them very well and do detailed and actionable recommendations

Extensive use of own resources Extensive use of own resources

We only use our own consultants to conduct interviews, instead of free-lancers, as most of our competitors. This allows us to have a high and constant level of quality

We also only use senior consultants for the interviews, because interviewees are more talkative to people interviewees perceive as their peers

We validate and triangulate, to the extent possible, all information we gather to base our analysis on accurate information

We employ proprietary frameworks specifically designed for the problem at hand. We are thought leaders, not only in our region, but on a global level, as many of our proprietary frameworks have been published on magazines in English and German in addition to Spanish and Portuguese

Our interviewers take part of the presentation to our customers, as we believe that they are the ones best positioned to answer any question that our customers might have, since they can perceive soft aspects that could be overseen by someone else not so intimate with the interviews conducted